We envision a thriving city that is stronger from confronting and addressing systemic injustices and inequities both as a moral and economic imperative.

The idea of intersectionality is integral to Hack Cleveland.

The idea that organizations, just like people, can have identities that are interconnected and interdependent. We exist to claim and expand the space at the extremely important intersection of Social Justice, Tech and Open Data. 

Hack Cleveland is uniquely positioned, our diverse working collective is an intentional reflection of what good can happen when spaces are not only inclusive, but affirming.

Together, we are hacking away at the systems that create margins. We are both at the table and building it.

For many of us, being at the table is a radical social justice act in itself. However, we recognize that isn't enough. Through our collective we're actively dismantling and extending the table.

It’s at this intersection where we must operate to create equity.